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2018; what positive changes do you want to bring?


A New Year is always an opportunity for a new start, a new beginning. Maybe this is a time to bring more positive changes in your life. The following are some examples of positive changes;

  1. Spend more quality time with the people that are dear to me (friends, family, kids etc...)
  2. Become more involved in the community.
  3. Declutter my house; get rid of unnecessary things.
  4. Bring more balance in my work-life.
  5. Become a better listener.
  6. Be more patient at home with my kids.
  7. Plan fun activities with my partner.
  8. Eat healthier.
  9. Pay more attention to the needs of people around me.
  10. Do more self-care by saying ‘no’ to others.
  11. Etc...

The list is endless. The question is; what specific change do you want to bring in your life? Once you name the change, the next step is to take ACTION. It is not enough to name the positive changes. Make up an ACTION plan for the following 30 days. Some will go into details, some will be less specific. Imagine this; what would your life look like if you bring about that positive change?   Also, find another person who can hold you accountable. Remember, there will be a time where your motivation will decrease, you will have good days and bad days. What thoughts can you bring up to keep yourself going, to overcome these obstacles? That’s were grit comes in. Grit being passion and perseverance (stamina). Keep going until you notice the change. Once you notice the change, all your strong effort has paid off. Than you realize, it was worth the struggle.

I challenge you to bring your own positive change!

PS: my positive change is being more engaged in my community by attending fundraisers and signing up for volunteering. I have specific date and times mapped out, I will spare you the details. My friend is my support and my accountability. I am ready to start the New Year!

What of you?

Gratefully,                                                                               ,