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Empower yourselfbring back a healthy work-life balance.

About Me

I am a professional Life Coach who specializes in positive psychology. My main focus is on empowering and inspiring the client. I provide a warm and encouraging environment so one feels comfortable sharing . I strongly support the theory of positive psychology because of its tremendous results in bringing longlasting quality in one's life, my own included. Also, I have been working as a RN for over 20 years and noticing the common struggles in the profession lead me to become a Life Coach.

 I maintain a private practice in Chico, mostly working with adults.


 Each moment describes who you are and gives you the

             opportunity to decide if that's what you want to be. 


• RN, specialized in psychiatric nursing

• Certified Life Coach Training through iPECC school

• One year training in Positive Psychology with former Havard Professor Tal Ben Shahar (see video below)


Professional Activities:

• Giving seminars and workshops with focus on positive psychology

• Individual coaching

• group coaching