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Enhance yourself.maximize your potential.

Why wait?

 Why hiring a life coach?


People ask themselves;'what is a life coach?' Let me explain;

LIfe coaches are not therapists neither are they counselors. They don't focus on the past but stay in the here and now. It is a professonial relationship based on trust where the client decides where he/she wants to make changes (goal setting) and how (action plan) and receives full support and guidance throughout the process. Accountability is only used to re-focus on what is important and what is working for the client.

What could be reasons for seeking a life coach?

1. one feels stuck in their job or relationship ( no joy, lack of motivation, facing conflicts)

2. to increase your resilience re. setbacks ( loss of any kind; job, partner, friend, health etc.) .

3.  more self-growth; wanting to increase self-esteem, being more assertive, letting go off negative thinking patterns etc...

4. desire to learn more effective coping skills to deal with current stressors at work, at home, in school, and life in general. establish a healthy work-life balance.                                  

6. declutter your life (letting go).

Working with a life coach can be a life changing experience! It all starts with bringing in awareness and making room for longlasting changes to improve the quality of your life. It is my job to  fully support you throughout this fascinating process and to help you succeed in your goals. I want my client walking out of my office thinking;'I have a better grip on things.' 

So, yes, why hesitate? Work with me and put your thoughts into action!